Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quick Update

No I'm not dead and I have not quit running, blogging or cooking. All have for sure been put on the back burner lately though. Right now we are readying our house for sale. We're hoping to put it on the market in less than a week. We decided to do this about a week ago after kicking the idea around for a few months before that. Anyway, I immediately went into hyper-manic-must do everything at once mode. For those of you that don't know me in real life (which is about 95% of you), that is just how I roll. When I decide on something, I make it happen right then. Well getting a house ready to sell is not an instantaneous task so you can imagine how frustrating it has been for me. The good news is, it is pretty much there. Just need to do a few finishing touches and we are good to go! I must say, the house looks great and I will be a little sad to go. Not that sad though so come put a bid on my house people! I am worried about the market and I hope we don't have to stay in sellers limbo for too long. I've decided to remain up beat and hope that my positive attitude draws buyers in. The sad news is that I haven't run a step since last Sunday. I've had too much to do and I just made the decision that it would have to wait. I guess something did have to give for once. Everything did kind of work out though as I have been sick for the last few days and wouldn't have been able to run anyway. I love how the universe works itself out sometimes.

So, before I'm off to clean more baseboards and organize one last closet, I'd like to say "Happy Fathers Day" to my husband Brian. Check out this cute picture collage that Darwin and I made!


Jen said...

I roll that way too, so I totally get that.
Happy Father's Day to the new daddy - love the photo collage.
Good luck with the house.

molly. said...

Awesome photo!! Was that your idea?

molly. said...

Love your universe comment, btw. So very true.

Andi said...

No Molly, not my idea. I'm the least creative person ever.