Saturday, April 3, 2010


So I did that 10K I blogged about a few weeks ago. It really didn't go all that well. My goal was to beat the time I ran the previous year when I was 12 weeks pregnant which was 47:05. Today I ran a 47:27 which is 7:39 minute per mile pace. It was rather disappointing. I went out way too fast-not a mistake I usually make. The problem is that I really have no idea what I am capable of running right now so I don't know what pace to shoot for. At least this race gave me an idea of where I am running wise.

The big debate for me now is how hard to train. Brian and I were discussing this the other day. We are both on the same page as far as a second child goes. Basically, as soon as we can, we're going to try again. That could be a while though as I am exclusively breastfeeding and not currently ovulating. So, do I train as hard as I can and try to get back to the speed I was pre-Darwin or do I just have a good time running, get pregnant with baby #2, take a few years off and come back as a good masters(40+) runner? Ultimately, being a fast runner in my 40s is the goal. This being considered, Brian and I came to the conclusion that perhaps taking it a little easier until after baby #2 is probably the best plan. Does this mean I won't be training hard? Not really. I'll still be upping my mileage and doing speed work and tempo runs. The only real big changes will be my mentality and my mileage. I'll try to be less intense. Also, I probably won't do a marathon between babies which was my original plan.

There were a few bright spots about today's race. I was 9th overall so it was good to be in the top 10 again. I was a lot faster per mile than I was at the Hour Track Run I did in January so at least I'm making progress. As always, it was fun to be out in the running community. Darwin was very smiley and giggly and everyone oohed and awed over him. Also, I won an embroidered blanket for getting second in my age group. Darwin has already claimed it for tummy time. All in all, it wasn't a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.


Jen said...

OK... so where do I begin?? First, dear God - you are fast! I just ran a 5k in 26:40 and thought that was, well, decent. You need to cut yourself some slack - or at least come out here and kick my butt into training.
And already thinking number two huh? Yea, I get that. Max was 6 months when I really started wanting #2. ;)
Oh, and that shrimp recipe looks AWESOME.

Andi said...

I know, I know...never happy with anything I run, but I HATE that I ran faster when I was pregnant. The really frustrating thing is that I cannot get my mileage up. Whenever I try to train more so that I can actually get faster, I feel like I got run over by a truck. I'm constantly nursing some minor injury. That is the worst!

KCB said...

That's awesome! Congrats! I would love to be able to do that, but I know you have to train for a long time.

Great job, girl!