Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Viability/3rd Tri

Lots of milestones have passed lately. I am past the 24 week point. (Actually, I am now 29 weeks! I started this entry weeks ago and I'm just now getting around to finishing it. Typical me.) This may be the greatest milestone of all because if Leo were to be born now, his chance for survival is very good. I'm hoping he keeps on cooking until he is full term but it is a comfort to know that he would have a fighting chance if the worst happened at this point. Right now, I am only days away from the 27 week mark. 3rd tri! Eeeek! How did that happen? I have less than 100 days to go (75 now!). I can't believe how fast it has all gone. So far so good. No horrible symptoms or problems. I quit running around 20 weeks because the ultrasound tech said my cervix was short. 3 weeks later I went in for an appointment and asked the nurse midwife about it. She said it was not short at all and was in fact, quite long. Grrrr.... I'm glad but I missed 3 weeks of running. I tried to start back up but it doesn't seem worth it. I can only run walk which is fine, but I get a lot of pelvic pain and pressure and I'm sore enough that I have trouble walking the next day. Sigh....back to walking.

I am done with Darwin's big boy room and it turned out so cute! I painted some stripes on the wall which was quite the project. I was worried because I've worked with painters tape before with no success but I had since read up on techniques that help and I went in with a plan. It was a pain but they look amazing and were totally worth it. I've been very productive. In addition to getting Darwin's room done, I've transitioned the nursery over so that it is ready for Leo. I even got up in the attic, washed his clothes and hung them up in the closet and put his bouncer and swing together. We won't have to go up in the attic again until he's 6 months old!

Here's the view from the door of the room. As you can see, every thing is MLB. Darwin is obsessed with baseball.

Here is the view from the other corner of the room. The pic on the wall is actually one that Brian took at our minor league ball park. That is Darwin sitting on the blanket watching the game.

Here is the wall detail. This was the biggest project of the room. The stripes were hard work but so worth it. All MLB team pennants are included.

Darwin's personalized chair.

These were just regular white hooks that I got at Target. I decoupaged them with scrapbook paper to keep with the baseball theme.

This is just some inexpensive storage that we got at Target. It is so functional. Love it!

Lots of great storage in the closet as well. In fact, we were able to do all of his clothes inside the closet. We got to save floor space in the room by forgoing a dresser.

Here's a few shots of Leo's room also. Other than changing out the name decal on the wall, the nursery really hasn't changed but I always loved the theme so I don't feel bad about the hand-me-downs. We should all be so lucky to get such fabulous second hand stuff!

Here's a fabric close up so you can see the detail. If you couldn't already tell, I really love sock monkeys!

Another big thing I did was trade my Mini Cooper in for a better family car. It was a sad day. I loved that car. It was really getting crazy though because Darwin is still rear facing so I have to crawl in through the hatch to get him in his car seat. That is ridiculous enough when you are not pregnant. In the last few weeks it has been getting harder and harder. We went this past weekend and I ended up getting a Ford Focus with a big hatch back. It is still a small car but it has 4 doors and a big hatch that will easily fit the stroller or the wagon. The gas mileage isn't as good as the Mini but it is close.

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Here's Mini Biggs-I sure will miss him!

At this point, we are pretty much ready for Leo. His room is ready, the car is ready and Darwin transitioned over to his big boy room with no trouble at all. Now all I have to do is cook him up for another 3 months.

Here's a belly shot. So far I've gained 21 lbs. I only gained 28 lbs total with Darwin so it is kind of scary that I've already gained that much. I was 10 lbs lighter to start with so I keep trying to comfort myself with that fact. I do feel a little bigger than I did with Darwin but my fundal height measurement is only about a week ahead. With Darwin it was always right on so I'm not tons bigger anyway.

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24 Weeks

28 weeks

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