Friday, June 17, 2011

1st Appt

Monday was my first appt. Brian took the morning off (I work a compressed schedule so I'm always off on Monday) so he could come along. The day ended up being a series of bad events starting when we tried to leave. We load Darwin up in Brian's car (the bigger, family car) and it won't start. We were right on schedule so we didn't have time to break out the jumper cables or anything like that. With no other choice, we load up into my car which is a Mini Cooper. Seriously, with 3 of us in there, it is basically no better than a clown car but at least it is running. We drop Darwin off and head to the Dr. The u/s goes great. Baby measures right on and everything looks perfect. My Dr. had 4 deliveries that morning so she was running behind and we ended up being in the office forever. By the time we got home, Brian needed to leave immediately so he took my car to work. I had to stay home with no car but it was only for a few hours and I was by myself so I didn't figure any big emergency would come up. Brian ends up having to stay late at work and didn't leave until almost 5. Daycare closes at 6 but it is only about a 20 minute commute so he should have had plenty of time. When he was getting ready to take our exit, he got rear ended! He was fine and my car actually wasn't damaged badly but it was rush hour and he was having to wait for the police to show up. With no functioning car at home, I can't even go pick Darwin up from daycare. As you can imagine, I was freaking out for a few minutes. Brian got on the phone and worked everything out. A co-worker of his that lives in our neighborhood and takes her son to the same daycare was able to pick him up for us. Brian got everything taken care of and it all worked out. Turns out that his car just needed a battery so we got that fixed and now we just need to get my Mini fixed. It was a stressful day to say the least, but in the end, Brian was fine, Darwin wasn't in the car when the accident happened and we got to see PeaPod on u/s. And finally, a pic for your viewing pleasure:

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